GPS Devices Help Find Stolen Vehicles

Today stolen cars may become a much rarer commodity, now that GPS devices are moving towards becoming a standard feature nowadays. Global positioning systems not only give directions from one place to another, but they can be used remotely by authorized personnel to pinpoint a car’s location. In one occasion two individuals who were recently arrested for stealing a car. They were found quickly when police used the car’s GPS to track the stolen car’s location.

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Motorcycle Theft Prevention

The Problem

Motorcycles frequently lack anti-theft technology. Motorcycle theft prevention can easily be helped by adding an activated GPS tracker. A total of 723 people who reported a motorcycle theft to South Australia (SA) Police between 1 January 2014 and 31 August 2014 were invited to complete a survey. The invite was sent by the Crime Prevention Coordination Unit of SA Police in late October 2014.

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Prevent Car Theft with GPS Tracker

Car thefts are always an issue and major problem in Australia, statistics show Car thefts were up by 27 per cent, which amounts to about 24,000 vehicles in Victoria alone. A large number of these vehicles were never recovered which would indicate that car theft has become a serious organized criminal activity – even taxi companies have car thefts. Victoria has emerged as the car theft capital of the nation, compounding concerns about crime rates and the youth justice crisis. 

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